Presentation of Research Papers

Competitions organized by “Rudjer Boskovic“ High School

Presentation of Research Papers called Cognita Libera

Idea for organizing Presentation of Research Papers derived as a result of long-lasting monitoring and analyzing of the preparation and participation process of all students taking part in competitions organized by the Ministry of Education. There are only few winners but effort of a great number of students – diligent and thirsty for knowledge, who are not amongst them– remains neglected. The intentions of the High School Principle at that time Mladen Sarecevic and Education Manager N. Vukovic which drove this event were presented in the content of the application sent to addresses of  all High Schools and Primary Schools in Belgrade in autumn 2004.

In finding a way to

make the learning process more appealing

shift learning motivation from the grades

provoke  inquisitive mind in each child,

show  that science is achievable without toil

and hear the voice of the young to the world

Secondary School „Rudjer Boskovic“ organizes a competition of the students’ papers in Philosophy aimed at the students of Belgrade High Schools and the Presentation of Research Papers for the students of Belgrade High Schools and Primary Schools.

The winner of the first Presentation of Research Papers was Tomica Misljenovic, a student of the Ninth Belgrade High School, with his paper “Concentration of heavy metals in plant organs used in human nutrition“. The mentor was Biology teacher Dragana Koncar, today an esteemed member of the teaching staff  in “Rudjer“.