IT in education


School has the most important role in the process of preparing students in becoming productive members of the society.

Teachers from all over the world share the same vision:

-Providing the best quality in teaching experience
-Nurturing professional, high qualified and skillful teachers in order to help students to achieve their full potential
-Managing schools in efficient and economic way

Nevertheless, educational system Rudjer Boskovic is introducing innovation in its system and that is Tesla-solution for educational process support.

Tesla solution is completely in accordance with educational strategy in Serbia till 2020, suggested by Serbian Ministry of Education and Science.

It is based on the use of new technologies (Apple iPad, Internet and other advanced IT technologies) in educational process. It is designed for students and teachers as a support in preparing and obtaining learning process (learning, practicing, testing knowledge…), making and comparing notes, as well as the advanced analytics used as help in adapting learning process for each student or group of students.

Tesla may be used in school classroom as well as any other location.

Students are given various possibilities of using materials in learning process. They can use written material, a/v materials, interactive material adapted to iPad and tablets.

Students realize advanced interaction with the teacher (it can be done after school lessons, at home…), as well as their school friends and more.

Documents and materials are always available in Tesla solution. However, documents can be time-limited and it depends on a teacher (exams, exercises…).

Documents are located in the document library. They are classified according to document kind (books, script, exercises, a/v materials).

Every teacher has got a possibility to upload prepared and approved lesson plan in advance and to sort out the documents according to it.

Teachers are also provided with quick view in documents and special information about new documents in the library.


Computer web is made according to business environment standards, taking care of rational power consumption and expendable material. All this has one purpose only and that is ecological environment protection and cutting expenses.

Domain-controlled network is also organized within virtual surrounding where employees and students can use individual protected accounts to access network services and contents.

Independent Wi-Fi network for wireless access to the Internet is available to users.

Access to the World Wide Web is secured through optic high speed link.

Modern interactive electronic boards are used in teaching.

Modern storage system is used for storage and work with data.

Rational using of printing resources with minimal consumption of paper and toner is provided by applying Print Management system.


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