International Days at Ruđer

The task of every school having international character is to promote international spirit. We considered that there was a good way to explain the belief that the well-being of one nation can not exist without a well-being of other nations and that international borders should not present obstacles to progressive ideas: if we provide them with an opportunity to meet their peers, get to know them through conversations, exchange ideas and become friends.

That is how Economic Forum of IB Schools in the region was founded. The themes that were selected for each of these meetings, were the issues and current affairs common for all the countries where participants came from.

In March 2009, Economic Forum Downturn of the West- Crunch on the East? Regional Prospects was held. The participants, students from high schools from Banja Luka, Mostar and Skopje, discussed the following topics: the current level of development of their countries, influence of the world economic crisis, protectionism as a way to protect from the crisis.

Sustainable development – legacy for the future was the topic of the Economic Forum held in 2010 and Urban oases, green cities in 2011. Students from Sarajevo, Maribor and Kranj joined those coming from Mostar, Banja Luka and Skopje.

The Economic Forum in 2012, expanding topics from the field of economics to the field of history, developed into International Days at Rudjer. The following topics were attention-grabbing: Fairness and Equity vs Efficiency and Competition, and Processes of Integrations – Balkan Views. Students form “Zlatarski” School from Sofia  and “Aci”  from Istanbul were added to the list of participant.

Each IB School meeting had an outstanding key note speaker from the world of economy and history.