Cognitia Libera

A unique competition of the papers from the field of Philosophy and Sociology aimed at high school students was in its finals in April 2006. The motives for commencing this competition were partially the same as those which drove the organization of the Presentation of Research Papers, but there was also a desire for young students to start thinking about some very important issues that can not be found in school curriculums, to encourage them to state their opinions freely, to tell us about their perceptions of the world they live in, so as to have the more clear vision of the future belonging to all of us.

Cognitia found its way to lots of high school students and their mentors, Philosophy and Sociology teachers, in a great number of schools. The finals of the competition, which takes place every April starting from year 2006, presents remarkable confrontation of opinions and attitudes of students, members of jury, mentors, audience, helping each of them to learn something new.

The themes for the competition are selected by Philosophy and Sociology teachers. From the very beginning we are getting a valuable support and learning from Predrag Krstic PhD, a creator of an exceptional atmosphere in the finals.

The first laureate of our Cognitia was Milan Sremcev from “Laza Kostic” High School from Novi Sad.